Window Tinting Film

UV Guard safety films conform to all international Window film specifications, including SEMA, IWFA & UKAS.

By applying “UV GUARD” Safety films to your windows the following benefits are achieved:

  • SAFETY GLAZING: UV GUARD Safety film converts normal annealed glass into “Safety Glazing” that meets ANSI Z97.1 and CFR 1201 impact standards, the 4 Mil or thicker, meeting “condition 3” criteria, of US General Services Administration Standard for “Glazing subjected to air blast loading” and DIN 1A European impact standards.
  • INTRUDER DETERRENCE: Glass using UV GUARD Safety film is turned into a barrier that helps thwart “smash ‘n grab” attempts.
  • WIND STORM PROTECTION: Helps resist damage caused by flying debris blown airborne by high winds in a storm. Without UV GUARD Safety films, broken windows will allow rain and wind to wreak havoc by blowing in through windows not held in place by a safety film.
  • BLAST MITIGATION: UV GUARD Safety Films help prevent death, severe injury and property damage, from industrial explosions and terrorist bombings.
  • HEALTH: By filtering 99% of harmful UV rays penetrating unprotected windows, personal health skin damage is reduced to a negligible amount.
  • FADING OF BELONGINGS: All UV GUARD window films including safety films reduce the harmful rays penetrating unprotected windows to such an extent, that furniture, paintings, books ,carpets and display items can be left exposed to the filtered rays for indefinite periods without the risk of fading or quality deterioration.

UV GUARD IS SUPPLIED IN 2 Mil, 4 Mil, 6 Mil or thicker in both tinted and clear.

The most cost effective way of protecting your possessions!

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